Key Factors

Taping Process
(with Loypos products)

To block local deterioration of cables and make life characteristics better

The merits LST-380CW
– The conductivity of the LST-380CW is excellent, would be more 1,000 times than the other products.

– If you consider to use LST-380CW in your LEAD or ALUMINIUM sheath cable, your EHV cable would have excellent electrical contact in its semi conductive layer.

– Then, the cable would not have electrical damage such a pro-demonstration and you should keep your EHV cables quality to be stable, long-life insurance and much more invisible merits than the others

Prompt release the energy by the strikes


To provide strong durability against compression and shrinking

The Swellable type tape swells up rapidly and it enables the water not to spread inside the cable.

Prevents the accidents arising from the insulation damage.

Carry a range of tapes for power cable

Offer total solution ► To help to choose tapes & assist maintaining them with expertise.